What's that?

This Django application aims to have a really, really simple wiki, using the well known (at least in the Python world) reST syntax.

It provide a simple hierarchical way to store data: each page is saved as a reST file on the disk. This allow to edit pages directly on the server with a text editor - of course, a web interface is also usable.

Not yet implemented

Currently, there is no way:

How to install

Just put the rstwiki directory somewhere your Django site can find it. Refer rstwiki in your master url file, like:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    # all pages will be named like /wiki/mypage/
    (r'^wiki/', include('rstwiki.urls')),

Then, set in your settings.py the PAGES_DIR variable with the full path of the directory where you want to store the pages. That is!

How to use

For a lambda page, say mypage:

will refer to the HTML view of the page.
will refer to the reST source of the page.
will open the web editor of the page (if you want to prevent anonymous edition, just protect /wiki/edit/* in your Apache configuration.

There is also three special pages:

is the home page.
is the navigation bar (included on all pages, if exists).
is the footer (included on all pages, if exists).

Now, enjoy!